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8/29/06 04:06 pm - Layout or whatever they are called.

I made this theme for my LJ. It's inspired by the song Scarlet Begonias. Let me know what you think.

8/29/06 06:37 am - Yeah, so blow me...

And the first journal entry goes to: DUMB ASSHOLES!

Hey, guess what?

NO. I will NOT fuck you.
Don't ask me to.

It won't happen.

Please save your dignity and leave me alone.
No need to beg...really, it's distasteful and looks bad to all your macho buddies.

Would it be better to just tell you I'm a lesbian or something? If I did that, you could print out my picture and some other girl's picture and jack off to the both of us while imagining your twisted fantasy off in your other head somewheres. Wouldn't that be fantastic?!

Want to know what else? If you have a girlfriend or a wife, that makes you DEFINITELY NOT more eligible than any other guy. In fact, I may be likely to hunt her down and let her know what kind of game her boy is playing. We don't want that do we? I didn't think so.

So...in short what have we learned?

1. I won't fuck you, if I wanted to, I would have told you so.
2. Begging women for sex in front of your buddies isn't hot, it makes you
look like a fag.
3. You sickos make me seriously consider being a lesbian
4. If you are taken, I definitely don't want you
5. I might help your significant other chop off your cute little wee wee

That's all for today, class.

See you next week, when we discuss why it might be bad to jump from a freeway overpass.

8/29/06 06:34 am - Heh...so...I'm back, again...

So here I am, back for what? The 3rd time? Prolly won't be staying this time either, but once in awhile I get drawn back. Like a moth to a flame...

10/30/04 11:41 pm - "...Riverside's where I fuckin' post..."

Well, here I am, in Sunny So Cal. Whoo hoo!

Went RV shopping after I got here.

Cooked dinner for my kids and the rest of my fam-damn-ily...put the kids to bed got to pimp the 'burban. *drool* Now here I am....


Later kiddies.

10/30/04 07:26 am - Yadda Yadda Yadda

Been pretty busy lately, not much time for much.

Going to Riverside today...yippee!

Had to kill an internet worm. :P

People who play mind games and act 12 are retarded.

Slept in a real bed the other night. Ahh...comfy.

I have more to say, but I don't really have the time right now...gotta get stuff done before I leave.


10/23/04 06:32 am - Dopey computers, dopey people

Me : I was going to work on this project I have, but I've been working on it for 2 weeks, I'm sick of it right now
Demetri : its good to take some time off when u are on a project so when u come back and continue with it........u have a fresh new look at it
Me : Yeah, especially when you have a dopey computer.
Me : Like mine.  :D
Demetri : yeha
Demetri : but can make that dopey computer do awesome things i bet
Demetri : som people have nice computers but they  are dopey
Me : Not this one...I hit it earlier, cuz I got so frustrated.
Me : lol...that is so true


That's for all the idiots with badass computers.  :P

10/22/04 11:41 pm - Uhh, dude, whatever...

Damnit, I hate spiders.

So, the last couple/few days have been pretty interesting...but a lot of fun. Sometimes, you have to try new things...and sometimes you enjoy it. And sometimes, you don't want to stop...cuz you're hooked. lol (Okay, rat bastards, nothing illegal. I know you're thinking it, but it's NOT!)

I'm not quite sure what, exactly, I'm doing, but...uh, dude, whatever. I guess I'm confusing some of my friends. I don't mean to. Some people want more from me than I really want to give. Normally, I'd give anything for anyone, but right now, I don't want to be tied down. Uhm, well, I'm probably confusing more people by not being so specific. I don't want to be in a relationship. There, I was specific. Anyhow, I have other things to do right now. I was just taking a break to update this thing since I've neglected it for a week. :P

But anyway...back to reality.

10/22/04 11:38 pm - Huh?? U2??

jaded_twylite may actually be a spider-human hybrid


From Go-Quiz.com

Hrmm...Achung, baby.

10/17/04 05:20 pm - All Aboard Amtrak...

Welp, I went down to Riverside on Thursday...

On the way down there, we were 40 minutes ahead of schedule when the bus blows an airbag and the brakes lock. Here we are, stranded on the center divider on the 210 freeway just past Pasadena...FOR TWO AND A HALF HOURS!


By the time I arrived in Riverside and my grandma finally showed up to pick me up from the station and I dropped her off at work, my children were already in bed. THen I went to court the next morning. I still didn't get my children back. I'm getting a lawyer. They will probably end up setting a trial date on the next court date (November 12) which will drag it out until April. *sigh* So frustrating...

I spent the rest of the day with my kids. We went and saw Shark Tales. It was nice to spend time with my kids. I wish I could do it more often. Anyway, I left Riverside at 5:55 am on Saturday morning and came home.

I was supposed to make dinner for some friends and my dad. 2 people didn't show up and didn't call to say they weren't showing up. I hate that. People who are late or don't show up piss me off. I ended up making dinner for those who were around. I had an amazing time last night...err, this morning, whatever.

On Tuesday, I'm getting a j-o-b. :P Which means, less time to write here and less time to work on my secret project. All in all, things are generally good.

10/10/04 01:44 am - Oh yeah...

Check out http://www.temperd.com

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